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Becoming a member of The Frary Family Association is easy, affordable and fun. Members of the FFA receive the quarterly FFA newsletter, connect with other Frarys in the USA and abroad, and can attend the FFA Reunion in Deerfield, MA every other year.

To Join or Renew your membership, please note this is a two step process

Step 1: If paying Annual Membership Dues of $25; click on the Add to Cart button under that logo; If paying Lifetime Membership Dues of $250.00; click on the Add to Cart button under that logo.
   a. When the shopping cart appears; click on the cart
   b. If paying by a PayPal account; click on the Yellow PayPal Checkout button
   c. If paying by a Credit or Debit card; click on the Blue PayPal CREDIT button
   d. Follow the prompts to complete your membership payment

Step 2: Complete the Membership form at the bottom of this screen then click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen. It is necessary for you to complete this on-line form to complete your Membership enrollment


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Founded in 1970, the Frary Family Association (FFA) promotes the knowledge and history of the Frary Family and its descendants in America and elsewhere.
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