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Published by the Frary Family Association:


The Frary Family In America 1637-1980 by Margaret Murphy Frary and Anne Frary Lepak, 1981

497 pages with index of all names (Out of print).


The Frary Family in America: A Continuation by Anne Frary Lepak, 1985

Numbered continuously from first volume to page 785 with index (Out of print).


Supplements to Frary Genealogy, #1 to #6, published from 1987-2000

Numbered continuously from previous volumes to page 1060 with volume six an index to all previous publications (All out of print).


Newsletters have been published and mailed to FFA members since February 1971 and now come out in May and November of each year. 

With no new material published since 1995 it is now the goal of the FFA to produce a new book to encompass all previous material and any new information available in this new modern era of the Internet. Assistance will be needed from family members to keep the genealogical committee informed of any changes in their family such as births, marriages and deaths. 

For questions about genealogy, please contact the Historian, Bill Colehour, at


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