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2016 Reunion 

Judy Frary Micoleau ~ Frary House ~ Deerfield MA

Judy Frary Micoleau Frary House, Deerfie

Deerfield Raid Memorial~ Old Deerfield Burial Ground 

Deerfield Raid Memorial.jpeg

William Colehour, Judy Frary Micoleau, Betty Thresher Johnson ~ Old Deerfield Burial Ground 

William Colehour, Judy Frary Micoleau, B
FFA Members Barnard Tavern.jpeg

FFA Members ~ Barnard Tavern ~ Deerfield MA

Philip Zea President of Historic Deerfie

Philip Zea ~ President of Historic Deerfield~ Barnard Tavern 


Children's Program

For the last 5 reunion meetings children who have attended with their families have been treated to a special opportunity to “walk in the footprints of their ancestors.” This beginning for this program was stimulated by one  (mine) 2 year old grandson’s entertaining the meeting attendees with a piano solo during the meeting.  So, when the meeting starts on Saturday AM the children are whisked 300 years back in American colonial history!


We all love our history and are encouraged to pass along some of the colonial life to our next generation.   With the able leadership of our children’s committee,  Historic Deerfield, Inc. has supported this program with their staff to teach our children  some of the activities of early Americans.


 Making ink and writing with feather pens as well as making paint from fruit and vegetable colors are only a few of the activities.  Making cornbread using the palm of our hands to measure ingredients,  learning to weave wool by combing the wool fibers, twisting it into yarn with a spinning wheel, and weaving cloth on a loom also added to educational fun. 


In the garden we taught our children how to make basic medicines and we made linen from flax. Bookmarks and prints were made  by pressing flowers on cloth.   They dressed in colonial garb and were able to learn the  songs available only  to our early Colonists in the 1600’s. 


All children coming to the meeting are welcome to attend this special morning and participate in the fun!  So be sure to bring your children and grandchildren!


Patty Frary. Program chair

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