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Grace Adele Frary Scholarship

  All applicants must meet the following requirements:


  1. Applicants cannot be older than age 25.

  2. Applicants must be actively planning to attend (by fall), or currently attending, one of the following: a 4-year college (studying for a Bachelor’s degree), a 2-year college (studying for an Associate’s degree), or a recognized trade school.

  3. Applicants must have “Frary roots” and their sponsors must be a lifetime member of the FFA; sponsor must be a close relative (parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, sibling) of the applicant. 

  4. Previous winners of the scholarship are not eligible, but previous “non winners” may certainly apply again.

  5. Applicants must submit an essay to the Frary Family Association along with their online application. The essay must be gender neutral with no personal pronouns of He or She listed. Please do not include any information regarding region of the country where the essay is written. If the essay is longer than one-page or not scrubbed of personal pronouns the application will be disqualified.

  6. Completed applications received after April 30, 2024 will not be accepted.

Please fill in online form below - second page is for your essay.  Sponsor's will be contacted to validate application.


The winner of the scholarship is guaranteed at least $750, will receive lifetime membership and will be notified soon after the close of the reunion weekend.  It would wonderful if all scholarship applicants and their sponsors could attend the reunion weekend. Thanks to all FFA members who have contributed to this special cause over the years.  


Scholarship Application

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