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John Frary Jr (1631-1670)


                1.  John1 Frary,Jr, son of John Frary and Prudence Townsend, was born by 18 December 1631.  John died 28 March 1669/70 in Medfield, Norfolk Co, MA, at 38 years of age.  


                He married Elizabeth Adams? in Medfield, Norfolk Co, MA, 25 December 1656.  Henry Adams, clerk, recorded their marriage as "25 : 10 : 56 in Meadfeild." 


                She married Abraham Harding by 1644.  She married Thomas Dyer  Deacon between 28 March and 20 November 1670.  Elizabeth died 19 December 1678 in Weymouth, Norfolk Co, MA.  

                Abraham Harding left an imperfect nuncupative will that placed the whole estate in his wife’s hands for ten years, mentions an unborn child, and leaves son John a double portion. Administration was granted 24 April 1665 to the widow Elizabeth Harding to see this imperfect will performed as neere as may be. From the November 3, 1676 will of her husband Thomas Dyer: To his "loving wife fifty pound in money to bee paid to her or her order wth in three months after my decease provided Shee bee Contented wth itt & looke for no thirds of my Estate." And also: "I would insert a few words Concerning my loving wife that her nor none in her behalf may doe noe wrong nor received none my loving wife before had one third part of her late Husbands Estate in her hand which one third Came to two Hundred pounds and I think Some what more my wife & my Selfe did agree that I Should have full power to dispose of any or all of my Estate & that my wife to Clayme noe thirds there is a mutuall agreemt and not Read yet I accountit stands good And I have my Children to bee Content and not to try her nor molest her in anything." 

                The will of Elizabeth Dyar of Waymouth was dated 20 November 1678 and proved 31 January 1678/9. "I do give to all my grand Children three pound in money every one of them that are now born and alive and if those as I appoint to bee my Executors do pay the money to my Grand Childrens parents that shalbee my my Executors discharge from paying any money to my grand children And all the rest of my Estate I do appoint to bee divided to every one of my own children equally onely what my Son Abraham Harding hath in his hands that was of my Estate which I Judge to bee about twenty pound that bee it what it will I looke it is due to me and so Abraham Harding shall have it in part of what wilbee his proportion…and also eleven pounds of money that my daughter Elizabeth Addams hath in her hands it shalbee part of her proportion if my daughter Prudence live and is married to an Husband I do appoint my Executors to buy her some Clothes what they may judge convenient out of my whole estate, and not out of any of their particular proportion. She appointed her son Abraham Harding of Medfield and [step-son and son-inlaw] Joseph Dyar of Weymouth as joint executors. Inventory was taken 27 January 1678[/9] and totaled £216.11s.3d. less £18 in debts owed. Her assets included £70 in cash, £36.7s.9d. in debts owed to the estate. Real estate consisted of her shares of a House and Land adjoining 59 Acres at Meadfield” (£30), of “18 Acres of Land at Boggstow (£6), of Eleven Acres & halfe of meadow in broad meadow” (£11), of Seven Acres of Meddow in Senter Meadow” (£7), of “three Acres of Meadow in broad meadow” (£4), of 2 Acres ¾ of meadow by Back River” (£2), of 4 Acres & ½ of Medow by Back River bridge” (£1), of 14 Acres of Land upon Boggastow Brooke (£3), of 6 Acres of Land in Boggestow plain (£1), of 11 Acres of Land upon pine plain” (10s.), of 30 Acres of woodland being in 3 division (£3), of 4 Acres of Land in maple Swamp (£1.5s.8d.), of 88 Acres of Land in new grant (10s.) and of 11 Acres of pine Swamp (£1)." 

                "On 3 February 1679 an agreement was made among John Harding, Abraham Harding, Eleazer Adams in behalf of Elizabeth his wife, Samuel Barbur in behalf of Mary his wife, Joseph Dyar in behalf of Hannah his wife, and Henry Adams in behalf of Prudence his wife “In reference to and upon the division of the lands of our Father John Frarey Junr of Meadfield, hee having determined by his last will and testament that his whole Estate should bee equally divided between his wife Elizabeth & his two daughters, Vizt. the abovesaid. Hannah & Prudence; But Shee the sd. Elizabeth sometime the wife of sd. John Frarey afterward Elizabeth Dyar deced. before the sd. Estate was divided Shee the sd. Elizabeth Dyar did Order by her last will and Testament that her whole Estate and Lands (except some small Legacies) should bee equally divided to her own Six Children Vizt. John Harding Abraham Harding Elizabeth Adams Mary Barbur Hannah Dyar and Prudence Frarey now the wife of Henry Adams. Be it known that wee…do jointly agree together that all the lands of ye Estate of the sd. John Frairy shallbee divided into three parts according to his last will & testament as followeth; One third to Joseph Dyar for Hannah his wife One third to Henry Adams for Prudence his wife and the other third part for Elizabeth Dyar our mother deceased the said third part being divided among John Harding, Abraham Harding, Eleazer and Elizabeth Adams, Samuel and Mary Barbur, Joseph and Hannah Dyar, Henry and Prudence Adams." Many researchers have given her parents as Henry Adams and Edith Squire although no proof has been located for this statement. 

                Excerpts from previous Frary publications -- Her four Harding children were brought up by John Frary. 


                He was christened in Norwich, Norfolk, England, 18 December 1631.  

                John was the third child and second son of John and Prudence (Townsend) Frary. He was baptized at St. Clement and St. Edmund Church in Norwich, Norfolk, England as John Frarye son of John Frarye. He would have come to the New World around 1637 with his parents. "February 3, 1679/80, John Frary, Jr. of Medfield Division of his property in Medfield among his children, wife Elizabeth, two daughters Hannah, wife of Joseph Dyer, and Prudence, wife of Henry Adams, But his wife Elizabeth m3rd Dyer ordered that the estate should be divided among her six own chn., John Harding, Abraham Harding, Elizabeth Adams, Mary Barbour, Hannah Dyer, and Prudence Frary, now wife of Henry Adams; estate divided." His estate was described as having 12 acres of farm land and 41 acres of pasture and meadow joining his home. John and Elizabeth were the 5th great-grandparents of Emily Dickinson, famous American poet. 

                Excerpts from previous Frary publications -- baptized St Clement's Parish, Norwich, co Norfolk, England. John moved to Medfield with his parents; took the freeman's oath there May 14, 1656; bought 6.5 acres of meadow at Pine Valley; signed the Medfield Memorial; was allotted 177 acres in Medfield New Grant, 1659; served as Selectman in 1668 and 1669; and died the following year after making his will as John Frairy, Jr, of Medfield. His principal heirs, wife Elizabeth, and his "own two daughters," shared equally. Two of his stepchildren Abraham Harding and Mary Harding, received legacies, and a third, John Harding, was given a piece of land. As executors, he named his wife, his brother, Theophilus, and Thomas Thurston. Proof of daughters' marriages and additional information on Frary and Harding probate affairs, extending into 1680, can be found in 3 v9:35, v16:160, v48:459 and 21 v12:388. 3 v3:194; v13:346 &14 p.503 of "The Frary Family in America: A Continuation" pub. 1985 The Connecticut Valleyand the Eighteenth Century Of the four surviving sons of John and Prudence, two lived out their lives in established settlements. John, Jr., remained in Medfield, predeceasing his parents in 1670. "Find a Grave"  g.s.  gives birth as 1638. 




                  John Frary,Jr and Elizabeth Adams? had the following children: 


                2                      i.                      Theophilus2 Frary was born in Medfield, Norfolk Co, MA 25 January 1657/58.  Theophilus is deceased.  (Died young) 

                                                                                              His birth was given in the Massachusetts Birth and Christenings Index. His date of death has not been located but he apparently died young. 

         +        3                      ii.                    Hannah Frary was born 22 February 1659/60. 

         +          4                      iii.                   Prudence Frary was born 20 August 1662. 

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